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smart connection

A Smart Connection is a connection between parent and school or college. This is a mobile application for the parent and a web-based system for the school. Parents can get all the information and detail at hand directly from the school. Parents can easily access all things from the school that is related to their children like the result, fee and payment statements, routines, calendars, notice, events, growth chart, etc.


No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is, you always need a system to handle/manage the official things.


Quick and real notification for the parent for all updates from the school, like notice, events, message, and everything updates from school.


Good communication platform for the school and parent. Schools can send a private message to a parent and parents can reply over the message as a chat. Similarly, parents can create a chat from feedback for more discussion with the school.

Fee and bills

Parents can check fee details and statements on the mobile. Parents can pay to the school directly from the mobile.


Published results can be checked by parents on mobile. Parents can check old results as well with the growth chart of the children based on the results.

Digital calendar

There is a digital calendar of the school, in which parents can check the events and notes daywise.

Growth chart

Parents can check the growth chart of the children based on the results of the major examinations.


All the update from school, notice, events, blogs, results, news, reports will be updated at application with notice.


Home works and assignments can be checked by parents that are assigned to the children.


Parents can generate and check attendance report, absense report, growth report, payment statement, feedbacks and many other reports with the Smart Connection.

Why smart connection?

To maintain the effective and efficient utilization of resources for the sustainable growth of any business in order to achieve targeted goals.

Two way communication

Good communication platform for the parent and school. Schools can give any notice and information directly to the parent and parents can get all the notices and information quickly at hand.

Easy access

Parents can access all the things related to their children from mobile applications without calling or going to school from anywhere. This makes it very easy for the parent to check notices, calendar, result, fee, payment, and many more.

Always up-to-date

Any update updated by the school can get parents on mobile directly so parents will always be up-to-date with the school.

Centralized and secure data

Data will be stored in the cloud with full backup. Data of the school or system managed at a single location.